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Changrong Technology Research Center Was Established on November 20 2017

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Changrong Technology Research Center was established on November 20, 2017, identified as Chuzhou Enterprise Technology Center in 2021, equipped with 103 people of R&D, accounting for 34.8% of the company's total personnel of 296 .

The technology center covers 3200 square meters, including 3000 square meters of central laboratory and testing room,  and 200 square meters of office space. It has more than 70 sets of analysis and testing instruments such as optical fiber analyzer, dispersion analyzer, optical fiber warping tester, optical time domain reflectometer, and 232 sets of research and development equipment for all test of optical fiber and cable.


At the same time,  18 sets of winder and 12 sets of screening machines were introduced from of France Delachaux. All functions are controlled by PLC, built-in computer and monitoring software, integrated control technology to minimize the operation steps, to achieve intelligent production, to maximize productivity and product quality.

The technology research and development center enable us to be the leading in the industry, to ensure the competitive advantage in the market, to motivate the company to develop and grow.

At the same time,  "Production-Study-Research" project is an important for the survival and development of the company, making full use of the scientific and technological strength of domestic universities and research institutes to engage in scientific research for our company.

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